Tree Root in Drain & Sewer


Tree roots in sewer pipes can be one of the most common causes of drain blockage, damage and deterioration. Roots worm their way through cracks or gaps in your plumbing, growing and growing until they put pressure on your system or obstruct the flow of water. At The Drain Man, we’re specialist plumbing professionals, and we have a range of targeted and trenchless techniques for dealing with tree roots in sewer pipes and drains.

Clearing Roots From Drain Pipes

Correctly identifying that you do have a tree root in your sewer line is the first step to effectively dealing with it. The Drain Man uses InDrain camera equipment, sent through your system, to take an inside look at the state of your pipes. We’ll take photographs and show you whether there is, in fact, a root issue. With the information, we can also supply you with much more specific and transparent quote details.

We have a range of trenchless equipment for clearing away tree roots in drains – trenchless meaning that we can operate the equipment through your pipes, rather than digging them up, in many circumstances. The approach we use will, naturally, depend on the diagnosis revealed through camera recording. One of the strategies we use for clearing roots from drain pipes is high-pressure water jetting – this is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals, physically blasting away the plant matter.

Effectively Clears Out Tree Roots in Sewer Pipes & Drains

The key to ensuring ongoing and long-term protection from roots simply growing back is pipe relining. Tree roots get into your system through weak or damaged sections of piping – our Epoxy Resin relining can plug up some of the gaps, repairing the damage caused by the roots as well as making it harder for them to grow through a second time.

Roots in Sewer Pipes

When it comes to smart solutions for roots in sewer pipes, The Drain Man has the years of experience and the array of equipment necessary to get the job done right and for good.


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